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15th edition 2018-2019 MSc in Biology & Technology of Reproduction in Mammals

Dª. María Luisa Nicolás Tomás
Phone: 868 883905 E-mail:

WINTER SEMESTER (September 2018-January 2019)
SECOND TERM (February 2019-September 2019)

Enrolment period (2018):
– Pre-registration: 15th June – 13th July
– Registration: 25-30th July

Special enrolment period (2018):
– Pre-registration : 12-21th September
– Registration: 2-5th October
A Degree or Bachelor in Biosciences is required.
Language instruction: both in Spanish and English.
An intermediate B2 level in Spanish and English is most recommended

Required documents (a copy of):
– Identity Card or Passport
– Degree or Bachelor Title Certificate
– Official Transcript of Records
– Curriculum vitae
– Personal statement
– B1 certificate in English

Further information:

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