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Virtual Course – Quality Control in the IVF laboratory (January 2021)

Organization: CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions

Venue: Virtual CooperSurgical Centre of Excellence Course type

1 module of 75 minutes, 4 modules of 60 minutes including lecturing, exercises in breakout sessions, interactive questioning and answering Level

Date: january 26th 2021

Advanced Course description: This Course will provide participants with the core knowledge to set up a quality control system in an IVF laboratory to improve ART services. It aims to provide a detailed overview of the management tools and know-how for setting up a quality control system, together with procedures for validation and performance management of equipment and the culture system. Topics addressed include managing total quality in an IVF laboratory, traceability, process mapping, developing a Standard Operating Procedure, training flows for staff, and use of KPIs and audits in quality management.

Fee: The course fee for participation in this course is EUR 200. In order to maintain the high standards of teaching in this course, the number of participants will be limited to 12.

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